Minebea Intec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weighing and inspection technology, will be presenting a number of new products at interpack 2023, in Düsseldorf from May 4 to 10. The focus will be on the pioneering MiWave technology of the metal detector Mitus as well as a newly developed user interface for checkweighers.

There will also be much more to see beyond this. With new EMFC load cells developed in house, the company is expanding its portfolio and now offering even more products specifically for plant engineering. In the area of checkweighers, the company will be presenting new highlights for the checkweigher Essentus. The new X-ray inspection system Dypipe will also be on show. The new touch weight indicator Midrics 3 is the latest display solution for platform scales and much more. All products are versatile and meet the industry requirements with extremely high quality standards.

Always a wavelength ahead of foreign objects with the MiWave technology
The highlight on the exhibition stand is the new metal detector Mitus with innovative MiWave technology. It enables extremely precise detection of foreign objects, even with large product effects. Reliable metal detection devices in the food industry are characterised by the fact that they compensate for product effects, i.e. the influence the product itself has on the electromagnetic field.

The metal detector Mitus combats this challenge with MiWave technology. MiWave is used to modulate the transmission signal for a number of frequencies, then separate them and evaluate them individually using an intelligent algorithm. As a result of this division into several signals, the products can be symbolically inspected from several perspectives.

This significantly increased information content means that high search sensitivities can be achieved in spite of large product effects. In addition, this technology is less susceptible to fluctuations such as temperature changes or thawing processes. The result for food manufacturers is maximum product safety and output.

The metal detector Mitus is available in standard sizes as a rectangular, round or compact detection coil, which means that it can be integrated into production systems even with limited space. This means the Mitus can also easily be combined with additional weighing technology, if required. Linus Dellweg, global product manager at Minebea Intec, said, “With the Mitus, we are offering a premium metal detection solution for users. Users can also rely on our high quality ‘Made in Germany’.”

New interface for checkweighers makes production lines more efficient
Another highlight on the exhibition stand will be a new user interface for checkweighers. The interface features intuitive operation and therefore offers maximum user friendliness. Checkweighers can be easily configured, controlled, tested and audited with the interface. Regardless of whether users are programming a new product, adjusting line parameters or defining a batch record, the interface simplifies work and makes it more efficient. The operator terminal displays the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), and other statistics based on current weighing results. There are various log functions for audits. The operator terminal is fully MID certified with Minebea Intec weighing technology.

X-ray inspection system Dypipe for tube-fed products with “real part” test specimen validation
Visitors to the stand will also be able to experience the new X-ray inspection system Dypipe live. Dypipe guarantees an extremely high level of safety for viscous and liquid products. It was developed to reliably detect foreign objects made of metal, stone, plastic, bone and glass while also separating defective or contaminated products. The Dypipe is fitted with an innovative test specimen feed system which enables verification of test specimens in live operation. This means that you can always be sure that your production process will function without any problems, with no time lost for checking while the system is down.

The Dypipe is fitted with an easy-to-open separator that has been specially developed to meet the high hygiene requirements for meat applications. This system guarantees outstanding results and gives the assurance that you will produce high-quality meat products which are safe for your consumers.