McVitie’s has unveiled a fresh new look for its Cookies and Creams range under the McVitie’s Tasties. Known primarily for its Digestive and Hobnobs products in India, this move marks a significant step for the brand wherein, it’s expanding its offerings with a selection of tempting treats.

The McVitie’s Tasties range features three sandwich creme biscuit variants: Double Choco, Choco-Vanilla, and Choco-Orange, as well as three cookie variants: Butter, Cashew Almond, and Coconut, all starting at Rs. 10 and available at various other price points.

These flavours are crafted to tantalise your taste buds and offer an indulgent experience at an affordable price. With a commitment to craftsmanship and quality, the range is presented in vibrant, modern packaging designed to catch the consumer’s eye.

McVitie’s has employed its thorough market research and insights into consumer understanding to develop the McVitie’s Tasties range. By tailoring its offerings to suit the preferences of Indian consumers, the brand ensures a resonance with local tastes while also introducing contemporary packaging with a premium feel.

The packaging aims to not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure freshness and convenience for consumers, reinforcing McVitie’s dedication to delivering premium products.

Ritesh Gauba, country general manager, India at pladis Global, added, “At McVitie’s, our goal is simple – to give our consumers what they want. The new cookies and creams range under McVitie’s Tasties is a perfect example of this commitment. From extensive market research to crafting each biscuit with the finest ingredients, every step reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. We’ve focused on combining great taste with quality ingredients, creating a delightful snacking experience that caters to the Indian palate while still offering excellent value for money. Our goal is pure and simple – to bring joy and create memorable moments with every bite.”

Pawan Jagnik, head of marketing, India at pladis Global expressed his excitement about the relaunch, saying, “We’re absolutely excited to bring back our cookies and creams under the McVitie’s Tasties range, with a brand-new look and packaging that’s sure to win hearts. While McVitie’s is synonymous with Digestive and Hobnobs in India, this relaunch signals our continued commitment to expanding our indulgent offerings. From digging deep into market research and understanding what our consumers truly desire, we have gone above and beyond with this new range. I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved. This relaunch isn’t just about meeting consumer preferences, it’s about creating those magical moments of joy and satisfaction that define McVitie’s.”