As part of commitment to families, McDonald’s India – North and East has added new and meaningful choices in the beloved Happy Meal, with an aim to give a wholesome and nutritious refresh to its menu. Customers will now be able to order pineapple tidbits, and apple juice (that is 100% fruit-based*), or chocolate milk shake in addition to burger of their choice with their Happy Meal. Apple juice offered with HM is 100% fruit-based juice drink with no added sugar. The chocolate milk shake is a low-fat dairy based drink rich in calcium and protein. With these additions to the Happy Meal, McDonald’s aims to offer nutrition based, balanced choices to customers and their families. The new menu items are free from artificial preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East said, “Every day, families visit McDonald’s restaurants and create lasting memories over meals of their choice. Through introduction of Fruit bowl, 100% fruit-based juice drink and Calcium & Protein enriched Milkshake in our Happy Meal menu, we are offering food and beverages choices that will enhance the feel good, delicious experience of our Happy Meal customers. We continue to make steady progress on our food journey and create positive and meaningful changes so parents can feel good about our Happy Meals.”
Over the years, McDonald’s India – N&E has added new menu items, ingredients and innovations that have helped change the industry and continues to evolve the menu as per customers’ evolving tastes and preferences. “We’re having conversations with our supply partners, customers and internal and external experts to introduce changes to ensure that we are able to serve our customers’ stated and unstated food needs,” added, Rajeev.
With Food safety and quality always at the core, all McDonald’s products go through comprehensive quality checks, from farm to table, so that the customers can enjoy safe and delicious food every time they choose McDonald’s.
Furthermore, as a commitment to quality and safety in the current times, McDonald’s India – North and East has introduced the Global ‘Safety+’ program that includes nearly 50-plus process changes in the restaurant operations. Safety+ is a Global system of enhanced hygiene and safety practices that help ensure that every part of the McDonald’s experience is safe for its customers and employees. It builds on more than six decades of safety-first leadership in McDonald’s restaurants.
Customers can order their favourite bundle of happiness in-stores, through McDelivery, at Drive-thru’s or through the McDonald’s App.