Marico Ltd, one of India’s leading consumer companies, has announced its foray into the vegetable and fruit hygiene category with the launch of Veggie Clean, made with a unique mix of 100 per cent safe ingredients.
With an aim to aid and strengthen the country’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the company is expanding its play in the health and hygiene segment. 
Addressing an industry gap and with innovation at the core, this newest introduction offers a unique mix of ingredients that remove all the germs, bacteria, chemicals, waxes and soil present on the surface of fruits and vegetables without leaving any residue, aftertaste or smell.
Increasingly, both personal and domestic hygiene is becoming top priority for consumers. 
While hand, body, home and kitchen hygiene is in practice and consumption habits are also evolving in tandem with the current situation, ensuring complete sanitation of our fresh produce is still limited to only rinsing them with water. 
To bridge this gap with an innovative solution, the company has launched a first-of-its-kind fruit and vegetable cleaner.  
The product will be available across modern and e-commerce channels in two SKUs – 200 ml and 400 ml for Rs 149 and Rs 289 respectively. 
The solution does not contain any harmful preservative, is soap-free, chlorine-free and alcohol-free. It can be used to clean all kinds of vegetables and fruits except mushrooms.
The product is made from ingredients that are derived from natural sources.