Mango growers are likely to suffer huge losses this season due to the nationwide lockdown amid Covid-19 pandemic. This mango season, not only the market has shrunk but also production is expected to be around only 70% of last year due to untimely rains in northern parts of the country.  
According to experts, if the situation persists, mango growers would suffer by almost 100 per cent. “In major mango producing states including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh, the situation remains grim,” says S Insram Ali, president, Mango Grower Association of India.
He informed that in Maharashtra, the price of alphonso has dropped by more than half, wherein the price was around Rs 1,500 per dozen last year, this year price is ranging around 400-500 per dozen.
“Similarly, the export of the mango to the Middle-Eastern countries and Europe has come to a standstill and there isn’t any hope in near future,” said Ali.
The country produced around 1 crore 75 lakh metric tonne of mango last year. This year the production is likely to remain close to 1 crore metric tonne. Major part was played by the untimely rains and hails in the northern parts of the country, particularly, Uttar Pradesh.
Overall in Uttar Pradesh alone, the farmers may lose nearly Rs 3,000 crore while overall mango growers across the country may lose Rs 6,000 crore this season.
Ali stated that due to lockdown, the biggest problem is of labour and transport. “Earlier, when the season starts, businesses would buy whole orchard but this season we are not getting buyers for our orchards. The main problem is labour, businesses are not getting labour. Also transportation is not available in required number,” he said.