We all know this quarantine is taking a toll on everybody. We are all either too bored or too worked up and food is probablythe only thing making us the happiest every day. However, seems like lockdown3.0 is making people do exceptional things with every passing daybecause something crazy happened at McDonald’s India in Mumbai recently.
To unleashing his pent up cravings with a vengeance, Mikhail J Verma from Mumbai ordered 100 packets of McDonald’s Piri-Piri seasoning. Yes, you got that right, 100 packets!
Who does not love Piri-Piri? We all do! But Verma’s love for the seasoning made him stock up his kind of daily essential! We spoke to Verma and he told us that he now wants to add his favourite seasoning to almost anything he eats.
Well, we cannot blame him! McDonald’s Piri Piri is a mix of many exotic spices, much like the Indian spice cabinet. It is a blend of ground spices like salt, chilli, black pepper, garlic, tamarind, onion, sugar, citric acid and herbs. What makes the spice even more enticing is that it is almost coarsely grounded and therefore coats better than a finely ground spice would, giving it that authentic traditional flavour that Indians love