Asian traditions infused with Western modernity have inspired a new global culture in art, design, fashion, cuisine and wine. Lucaris, the luxurious crystal ware brand of Asia, launches its new barware range – The RIMS Collection.
The collection has been co-developed by Lucaris and Thomas Anostam, the famous creative hospitality consultant for leading bars in Asia. It has recently won the prestigious world class design awards as well as Good Design Award (GMark) and Design Excellent Awards (DEmark) in 2019.
It has also been selected to be used in Asia’s 50 Best Bars as well as the number 1 ranking, the Oldman, Bamboo Bar, Vesper, Backstage cocktail bar,Tropic City, Ribbit Hole and Teen of Thailand. The collection is available across India including Home Center, Home Stop, Danube Home and