Lotus Foods, the leading heirloom and organic rice and noodle company, has released an Impact Report that reflects on its 29 years of work to change the way rice is grown around the world and simultaneously mitigate the impacts of climate change, promote farmers’ resilience and empower women.
Lotus Foods’ 2023 Impact Report highlights the farming community who work with Lotus Foods to preserve local biodiversity and grow rice more sustainably. Other achievements include the company’s commitment to stand with other B Corporations to accelerate reductions in emissions to be Net Zero by 2030; donations made to their top three non-profit partners; and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) initiatives.

“The entire team at Lotus Foods is united around our mission and committed to growing and innovating. I couldn’t be more honored and excited to continue to scale the impact of Lotus Foods with this group of talented people,” says Andrew Burke, CEO of Lotus Foods.

Lotus Foods’ Impact:

Regenerative Rice Cultivation: Lotus Foods remains steadfast in its dedication to regenerative rice cultivation through the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), known as More Crop Per Drop®. This methodology enhances soil health, reduces water consumption, and curtails methane emissions compared to conventional practices.
Environmental Impact: Since 2009, Lotus Foods has conserved 7.4 billion gallons of water, mitigated 69,300 tons of CO2 emissions, and reduced methane emissions by 40%, significantly contributing to climate change mitigation.
Fair Trade Premiums: Over 5,000 families have reaped the benefits of Organic and Fair Trade Premiums, bolstering equitable livelihoods for farmers.
In 2023, Lotus Foods’ White and Brown Organic Basmati Rice was upgraded to the world’s first and only Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC®) Gold Rice. Gold level specifies that 100% of farm operations must meet the highest standards for regenerative organic production across three pillars: Soil Health, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness.

“For almost 30 years Lotus Foods has been using business for positive change – to create more well-being for our producers, our consumers and the world we live in. We are proud to share this overview of what we have achieved over the past year and our goals for the future,” said Caryl Levine and Ken Lee, Co-Founders of Lotus Foods.