Lavazza is unveiling its tricks for the perfect cappuccino because it’s a mathematical fact; waking up with a good cup of coffee means starting the day with motivation and in a good mood.

The traditional preparation requires an espresso machine with a steam wand but there are many other unexpected and original methods to get the same result; a creamy, thick foam can be made with a French press machine, or even with a stick blender.

Follow three simple steps and make the perfect cappuccino at home.From frothing the milk to picking the best coffee, here is how to make an authentic cappuccino in your own kitchen:

Step 1: The Milk
What makes cappuccino a unique drink is its mouth-watering milk foam.When it comes to milk, everyone has their preferences, some choose skim milk, others prefer rice or soy milk but for a perfect cappuccino, the go to milk is fresh and whole: its fats and proteins are fundamental to make it set just right, thick and foamy.

The perfect quantity of milk to make the right foam is 120 ml, and while the classic way to make it is with a professional espresso machine steam wand, there are other ‘home hacks’ you can use.

• French press:
Warm up the milk in a small pot or in the microwave and pour it in a French press machine.

Close the French press and foam the milk by thrusting the piston for 15 seconds, gradually decreasing the amplitude of the up and down motion.

Blend the milk with circular movements of the French press, in order to let it set before pouring into the cup.

• Immersion blender:
After warming up the milk, pour it in a blender-friendly container.

Immerse the stick blender in the milk and start blending at low speed for about a minute.

For a bigger froth, keep the blender just below the surface of the milk, in order to incorporate more air in.

Step 2: The Coffee
After having the milk down, it is time to make the coffee, the other half of the secret to this great drink, which can be espresso or moka.

For the best results, use a quality blend like QualitàRossa.

Pour the coffee slowly, until it fills 1/3 of the cup and, within 10 seconds, pour in the creamy milk froth.

Step 3: Creativity
You can decorate your cappuccino with cocoa powder, sweet syrups, chocolate shavings or crushed hazelnuts.

If you are feeling really ambitious, you can then create your own designs with stencils and toothpicks on the surface of the foam.

Step 4: Enjoy every sip
Take some time to pamper yourself,and get the right energy from every delicious sip of your perfect home-made cappuccino