Milliliter containers an hour. For customers with a higher production capacity the machine is available with an output of up to 135,000 cans per hour. “We’re helping Beavertown Brewery to grow on all fronts and creating continuous added value with line efficiency and a low use of resources,” Carter states. The client is particularly enthused by the high product quality on the high-performance filler. “As our beers aren’t pasteurized, optimum hygiene ensures their high standard of quality,” Marjanovic claims. The low consumption of CO2 has proved just as convincing, as has the low oxygen pickup thanks to a new CO2 purging process.

The line is supplemented by the Innoket Neo labeling unit and a fully-automatic KHS Innopack Kisters WP Advanced wrap-around packaging machine. With the aforementioned flexible and powerful self-adhesive labeling station Beavertown Brewery has considerably cut its time to market. At the same time, smaller batches can be produced more cost effectively as no large quantities of printed cans are kept in stock. The packaging and palletizing section is rounded off by the efficient Innopal PB N palletizer and Innopal LD Z depalletizer.

Microbiological safety and product purity
In addition to beverage canning, the brewery also trusts in the decades of expertise KHS has amassed in the processing of kegs. It has thus also invested in the Innokeg Transomat 6/1 Duo, a keg washing and racking system with two docked linear machines. This manages up to 160 kegs per hour holding between 30 and 50 liters and includes options that can expand capacity to up to 240 kegs an hour. The machinery gives optimum results with its pulsed sprays and therefore ensures microbiological safety and product purity. Product quality is further enhanced by counterflow cleaning in the pre-washer. The Innokeg Transomat 6/1 Duo is of central importance for production as the brewery realizes 75% of its sales through pubs in Great Britain. Beavertown Brewery also exports to Italy, France and Sweden. “We make great demands of the quality of our products. With KHS’ proven technologies we perfectly satisfy our strict requirements in both container segments,” explains Marjanovic.

The new kegging line also scores several times over standard market systems. For instance, the conveyor belt in the modular Innokeg Transversal pre-washer segment runs through the middle of the processing machine. Should operators not need to make use of this function because they process one-way kegs, it can be deactivated. The kegs are then conveyed to the next machine without being processed. The compact system also makes for a low footprint in the production shop. Furthermore, the patented Direct Flow Control (DFC) filling system saves up to 40% CO2 compared to conventional setups; with this, KHS again channels its expertise to help customers reach their sustainability targets. Incidentally, the latter is a topic that takes top priority at Beavertown Brewery, with the Brits not only investing in resource-saving KHS technology but also in a completely new water treatment plant. Solar technology is also to be installed.

Commissioning on time despite restrictions
The production site was commissioned within the agreed time frame – despite considerable restrictions imposed by both Brexit and the corona pandemic. “KHS’ intelligent ReDiS remote maintenance system was of enormous benefit for us here,” Marjanovic emphasizes. In many cases, this allows remote system fault analyses and troubleshooting to be carried out without service engineers having to undertake costly and time-consuming journeys to the relevant site. Instead, engineers at KHS’ head office can access all connected KHS components through network connections.

By being heavily involved in the greenfield project right from the start, KHS was again able to successfully complete the undertaking as a reliable partner to its customer. “The fact that we were able to realize everything so quickly was a great achievement by all involved,” Marjanovic smiles. “At the same time, our team of youthful employees was able to benefit from KHS’ wealth of expertise during this project.” This experience and the trusting exchange of information on both sides are two more reasons why the implementation of this project has been so successful, the operations director believes. “The new production site with its KHS lines is a real flagship for the brewing industry in London.”