After successfully supporting local restaurants in Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad, KFC India Sahyog programme now commences its next chapter in the city of Kolkata. In this phase, the program will work with 100 local restaurants and food joints, helping them in business revival through training modules in food safety and hygiene, customer service, profitability and more.

This programme was launched in 2020, in association with the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), to support and promote the Food Safety and Training Certification (FoSTaC), programme of FSSAI; and aims to support 500 restaurants across the country by the end of the year 2022.

Samir Menon, managing director, KFC India, said, “As the pandemic slows down and the economy opens up, there are several small food businesses who still haven’t been able to bring their operations back to pre-pandemic levels. We want to extend support to these businesses and help them get back on their feet. KFC India Sahyog is a step in that direction and as part of this program we’ve successfully empowered 300 restaurants across 3 cities in the past year. Now, we are looking to provide relevant training, knowledge, and technical expertise to 100 food businesses across Kolkata. We will continue to strengthen our commitment and take this program to more cities in the coming months, fulfilling our pledge of supporting 500 restaurants nationally by 2022.”

Inoshi Sharma, IRS, executive director, FSSAI, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, said, “A big congratulations to the India Sahyog program team. The program aims to extend training & build know-how for local food joints, as many of them may currently not be aware of food safety standards and requirements. The India Sahyog program is pertinent considering there is so much to do in the space of basic food safety & hygiene, more so, in the post-COVID era, and will definitely be useful in re-instilling faith amongst customers who might still be wary of stepping out of their homes.”

Col. Pramod Dahitule, regional director (East), FSSAI, added, “Sahyog is a great initiative, and FSSAI appreciate the efforts of the team in this endeavour. The pandemic brought forth many challenges which severely impacted the F&B industry. In the post-Covid world, the need for safety & hygiene has become even more essential. Local food joints need the right knowledge and skills to combat these challenges by modifying their operating procedures. We are excited at the prospect of local restaurants & food businesses in Kolkata benefiting from this program which will lead to the overall growth of the food industry.”

Piyush Kankaria, NRAI Kolkata chapter representative, said, “Kolkata is a food hub and people here are extremely passionate about food. We are thrilled to partner with KFC India Sahyog programme and launch the Kolkata chapter. F&B is a booming sector in the country, and this initiative provides a platform for existing & upcoming restaurants to learn and grow. The program supports the F&B industry, by training businesses on various important aspects of running a food business including food safety, hygiene, customer experience, delivery. We are excited to take this programme to local food business in Kolkata and add value to their business & growth.”