Kerry has released a new natural flavourings portfolio suitable for sugar reduction that is designed to address the upcoming European organic regulations.

The new natural X flavouring modulation technology will be compliant with the extensive, updated EU regulations for organic food and beverages.

Effective January 2021, the new law will require flavourings for organic food and beverages to be 100% natural with at least 95% derived from the named source (fitting a 95/5 formula structure).

The TasteSense Sweet Suitable for Organic product range aims to meet the increasing consumer and regulatory demand for more natural flavourings and reduced calories in food and beverages.

With its new portfolio, Kerry claims to facilitate sugar reduction of up to 30%, specifically in beverages and dairy products, without compromising taste.

According to Kerry, its new line up delivers a clean sweetness profile, improves the mouthfeel of sugar-reduced food and beverage products and can mask acidity and astringency.

Some options within the TasteSense Sweet Suitable for Organic portfolio are also stevia derivatives-free and use altnerative botanical sources as precursors, addressing the preference for natural flavourings with modifying properties solutions.

Labelling of every item in this new range can be described as “Natural X Flavouring”, with variations of X depending on the agricultural source that makes up the required 95% of the formula.

“Kerry is extremely pleased to bring the TasteSense Sweet Suitable for Organic foods and beverages natural flavouring technology to market to address the upcoming EU regulation requiring organic products to reach the new 95/5 standard of ‘naturalness’ in flavourings,” said Jem Greenwell, general manager of Taste Europe & Russia at Kerry.

Greenwell added: “These incoming regulations will affect all organic and traditional food and beverage manufacturers who want to reduce or remove sugar and use an organic claim without compromising on taste to do so.”