ITC’s Sunfeast YiPPee!, one of the most popular instant noodle brands in India, is focusing on strengthening its brand connect with teens for its variant ‘Yippee! Mood Masala’. The product which is curated for teenagers and young adults offers an additional mood mix masala sachet to help them choose the taste of their noodle as per their mood. In alignment with its unique product offering, the brand aspires to extend its brand philosophy to its communication mix and engage with audiences in unique ways. The brand’s recent partnership with Esports Premier League (ESPL), serves as a testimony to this objective. The partnership is an endeavour of the brand to seamlessly connect with its audience through e-gaming events and be a part of relevant moment of consumptions that may occur during the course of the event. The mobile gaming industry is set to become one of the most preferred platforms for brands that wish to engage with younger audiences. It is being predicted that in the future, current generation who like watching sports on TV will be replaced by a generation that equally enjoys watching gaming and e-sports events. This opportunity has led the brand to consider engaging with relevant platforms to connect with its desired audiences. ITC spokesperson said, “In our endeavour to stay ahead of time, we are exploring relevant avenues in the emerging domain of mobile gaming in order to engage effectively with the desired target audiences. Sunfeast YiPPee!’s recent partnership with Esports Premier League (ESPL) is a step towards this direction and we expect this engaging initiative to help us significantly strengthen YiPPee!’s consumer franchise in the desired audience base.” Last year, the brand collaborated with Bobble AI Keyboard, to add flavoursome twists to the everyday GenZ and Millennial conversations through customised Gifs and stickers over WhatsApp.