Being at the forefront of delivering high quality products to consumers, ITC Sunfeast, has announced the launch of its new product ‘Sunfeast Supermilk’ biscuits in Tamil Nadu (TN). TN currently contributes to around 40% of the milk biscuit industry and the brand is making a strategic foray into this segment to leverage the large business opportunity.

Given the love for ‘strong’ coffee/tea among the people of Tamil Nadu, Supermilk is an insightful approach to address the need for a ‘strong milk biscuit’ option for kids. The product contains a higher proportion of milk compared to its previous packs. It also contains Naatu maatu paal which has always been trusted by mothers as a wholesome food choice.

It further includes four key nutrients –Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron and Zinc –which are known to support Immunity. The product will be available at all retail and general stores in Tamil Nadu in the price points of Rs 5 & Rs 10, with the brand offering a higher value for consumers in Rs 10 with a 20% extra promotion on select products for a limited period of time.

Speaking at the launch, Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits & cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Ltd, said, “Sunfeast has been a trusted brand in TN, delivering a wide range of offerings that cater to the preferences of every member of the household. The love & support we have received over the past two decades, has encouraged us to embark on this extensive mission to carefully craft a product that is uniquely representative of TN – the all new Sunfeast Supermilk. It contains Naatu Maatu paal that is the preferred choice of TN mothers. It also contains the extra punch of milk compared to its previous packs. And just like the strong tea/coffee preferred by adults in TN, we now have a strong milk biscuit for kids in the form of Supermilk.”