7Ink Brews is the brainchild of Mohit Bhagchandani, who holds the distinction of bearing connections in both the sporting world and the food and beverage industry. The brand was launched in April 2021.

Founded by Mr. Mohit Bhagchandani and Co-founded by Mr. Adil Mistry and Mr. Kunal Patel, the brand has been built around the attributes of the champion cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who also happens to be the brand ambassador and shareholder of 7ink Brews. They have recently introduced a campaign, #GoOneMoreRound with its brand ambassador M.S Dhoni, real changemakers and influencers.

Copter7 products are currently available in Mumbai, Pune and Goa in wine shops and in Bengaluru. Once things settle, they will be available across other cities in pubs, restaurants and other places too.

The Copter7 range of beers comes in two varieties – Copter 7 Premium Strong Beer and Copter 7 Premium Lager.

The former, with an ABV of 6.8%, is brewed along the lines of Strong German Märzen lager with imported Munich, Vienna, and Pilsner malts. Copter7 Strong is a malty amber lager with a toasty aroma, and is light on the palate due to its low bitterness levels. It has a distinct caramel sweetness to ensure a smooth and flavourful drink. The hop flavour is deliberately minimal, to enhance its mildly spicy notes with herbal hints. Its description claims to leave the drinker with a distinct feeling of having bit into a freshly baked loaf of bread.

The Copter7 Premium Lager, on the other hand, is a light and crisp beer meant to quench the drinker’s thirst on a hot afternoon. With an ABV of 4.8%, this beer is brewed majorly with 2 Row Pilsner malt for a smooth clean flavour. This maize-based drink is low on bitterness, allowing the fruity elements to stand out distinctly.

Additionally, the brand has produced artisanal chocolates under the Copter7 umbrella, which are a veritable treat to the eyes and taste buds. For these, 7Ink Brews has teamed up with well-known chocolatier and chef, David Belo, best known for his Mysore-based craft chocolate brand Naviluna. Using sustainably grown cacao sourced from Southern India, these bean-to-bar chocolates are organic, vegan and GMO-free, allowing the consumer to appreciate the unadulterated Indian cacao bean. The line consists of bespoke flavours that use local ingredients, such as Mosambi Zest, Strawberry and Coffee which is a dark chocolate variant, Mint, and Mulberry – the only one made with cocoa butter and hence non-vegan.