Ingredion EMEA has launched its first polyol sweetener, Erysta Erythritol, to help manufacturers meet the demands of health-conscious consumers.

According to Ingredion, the sweetener supports functional build back and sweetness when sugar is removed from products, enabling manufacturers to achieve nutrition-related claims.

Ingredion’s Erythritol range includes Erysta C40 Erythritol crystalline particle size and Erysta C100 Erythritol fine particle size. The sweeteners, which are produced by fermentation, are said to have zero calorie content, measured according to EU Regulations.

The firm says that its latest sweetener is suitable for a wide range of applications, including ice cream, desserts, chocolate, confectionery, baked goods, beverages and fruit preparations.

Rodolfo Garza, regional growth platform leader marketing at Ingredion EMEA, said: “Increasingly health-conscious shoppers are paying close attention to the sugar and calorie content of their favourite foods.

“But consumers want it all – the guilt-free indulgence of lower-sugar, lower-calorie alternatives. European consumers in particular seek pleasure and health in equal measure, but the challenge for manufacturers is delivering the same functional properties in a product when sugar is removed.

“Erysta Erythritol delivers around 70% sweetness compared to sugar, delivering functional and textural properties such as bulking, ease of processing and mouthfeel enhancement when replacing sugar in formulations.”