Ingredion EMEA has added three new cold swelling modified potato starches to its highly functional starch portfolio. Helping to meet rising demand for sweet baked goods, the starch range provides manufacturers with a cost-effective, texturising solution for instant bakery cream fillings and custard creams.

Bakery manufacturers can choose from three different cold swelling modified potato starches, with differing grades depending on their processing and functionality requirements. Each potato starch is purposefully designed to provide high firmness, process and freeze-thaw stability, to deliver the perfect thick creamy mouthfeel in every bite.
Derived from sustainably farmed ingredients, the potato base gives a neutral flavour and colour profile to the three starches making them suitable for instant cream bakery fillings for sweet pastries, cakes and buns. The starches can be labelled as ‘modified starch’ according to EU legislation and is available in the UK, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.
Claudia Fiannaca, global business development director, Ingredion EMEA, said, “Baked goods remain a firm favourite across generations and regions, with total bakery product launches rising 7 per cent globally year-on-year (2018-2019). Whether it’s that one-off iced bun on-the-go, or deep filled cream tart at home for a family occasion, the need to seek out those moments of indulgence and joy from delicious sweet baked goods is set to continue but the cream centres that fill several of our favourite indulgent treats undergo some of the most demanding processing and storage conditions. This can affect the structure and stability of the filling, resulting in a poor texture and making it difficult for manufacturers to manage fluctuating demanding and produce a cost-effective recipe.”

“With our range of functional texturising potato starches, bakery manufacturers can produce a freeze-thaw stable filling, which maintains the thick and creamy sensory qualities consumers crave. Purposefully designed to swell and bind liquids with excellent dispersibility, Swely Gel modified potato starches are a cost-effective solution that can help baker’s deliver superior functionality, as well as baking and texture stability in their products,” added Fiannaca.

Working with the company’s applications and bakery experts, bakery and bakery solutions manufacturers can find the right ingredient solution for their instant cream formulations. Its range of cold swelling modified potato starches includes;
• Swely Gel Medium –all-purpose cost-effective texturising solution for instant bakery fillings with good process and freezing stability. It delivers a creamy texture profile, ideal for yellow bakery cream fillings, suitable for most for instant bakery filling recipes and processes, with good process and freezing stability.
• Swely Gel 100 – Modified potato starch suitable for milder processes here excellent dispersibility is required.
• Swely Gel 200D – Designed for more demanding processing conditions and freezing stability, this modified potato starch can be used to create premium indulgent textures with best firmness in instant yellow bakery cream fillings with an excellent baking stability


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