Ingredion announced the launch of Precisa Cream 7310 starch, a cold-water swelling starch,  that delivers an instant thickening effect to a variety of oil- and water-based applications.
Specifically, the starch is ideal for salad dressings and sauces which have seen an increased demand in the region fuelled by the rise in Westernised diets and the need for convenience at home. It was developed to help manufacturers and foodservice operators meet increasing consumer demand for high-quality dressings and sauces. 
Using the new starch, manufacturers will be able to deliver superior texture and visual appeal with stable viscosity throughout shelf life. A versatile ingredient, the new starch is also suitable for providing enhanced texture in bakery fillings and premixes. 
Ai Tsing Tan, innovation director, Asia-Pacific, said, “As we foresee more consumers shifting to home cooking, deliveries and takeaways post-pandemic, manufacturers will be looking to win consumers with variety, quality, convenience and affordability. The change in consumers’ lifestyles provides opportunities for new product launches, such as reduced-fat sauces and dressings.”
“This new starch is specifically designed to help our customers lower oil content in their recipes at an optimised cost,” she added. 
Rishan Pillay, VP and GM for ASEAN and India, said, “We have responded with agility, producing this starch in Asia to deliver a high-quality ingredient that addresses our customers’ product development needs. This also allows them to enjoy the benefit of proximity with better control of the supply chain and a shorter lead time.