Having introduced the concept of ‘Superfoods’ and their benefits to Indian households, India’s
first home-grown Superfood brand, Nourish You continues to lead the category with high-
quality homegrown products. Further strengthening its market dominance and gearing up for
the next phase of growth, Nourish You today announces, it has raised $2 million as a part of its
Seed funding round that received participation from seasoned investors including Y Janardhana
Rao of Triumph Group; Rohit Chennamaneni, Co-founder, Darwinbox, Nikhil Kamath, Co-
founder, Zerodha; Abhijeet Pai Co-Founder, Gruhas Proptech; Abhinay Bollineni, CEO, KIMS
Hospitals, among others.
Founded in 2015 by Sowmya Reddy, Krishna Reddy, and Rakesh Kilaru, Nourish You pioneered
and created the category of Superfoods in India, by offering homegrown super seeds – quinoa
and chia seeds – to Indian consumers.
The fresh infusion of funds will enable Nourish You to double down its investment towards
research and development of new products, further diversifying the brand’s portfolio. A part of
the funds are also allocated for branding and marketing, new talent acquisition and significantly
strengthening distribution and market presence.
Speaking on the fundraise, Rakesh Kilaru, Co-founder and CEO, Nourish You said, “Having
personally experienced the benefits of quinoa and chia- we launched Nourish You to introduce
Superfoods to Indian consumers. As India’s foremost Superfood brand, we are confident of
driving the category’s growth in a sustainable manner. The fundraise will help us expand our
team, distribution channels and increase our investment in R&D. It will accelerate growth and
cement our position as a preferred brand for Superfoods in India.” Speaking on investing in Nourish You, Rohit Chennamaneni, Co-founder, Darwinbox, said,
“Even though I have been using Nourish You products for more than 5 years, it’s only now I got
to understand the fascinating story of Rakesh and his team bringing Quinoa and Chia to India
way back in 2013. From getting the mother seed, government approvals, to field trials across
India and finally large-scale cultivation of Quinoa and Chia. As a category-creating brand,
Nourish You’s proposition of homegrown chia and quinoa seeds is attractive.”
In addition to its retail business in India, Nourish You exports its portfolio spanning Quinoa,
Chia, Millets, Edible Seeds (Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, and Watermelon), and Breakfast Cereals
(Muesli and Fills) to countries including Singapore, Nepal, Kenya, Dubai, Mongolia, and
Nourish You products are available on nourishyou.in and leading e-commerce platforms such as
Amazon, Flipkart, and Big Basket, among others.
Nourish You
After several trials and approvals, Rakesh Kilaru bought the mother seed of quinoa and chia to
India in 2013. Further to this, he along with Krishna Reddy and Sowmya Reddy founded Nourish
You in 2015 in Hyderabad. Nourish You is India’s first Superfood company to produce and sell
homegrown, organic quinoa and chia seeds. Built with a vision of creating a sustainable world
where everyone is the healthiest version of themselves, Nourish You brings ancient food
wisdom to modern-day customers and helps them switch to a healthier lifestyle with plant-
based Superfoods.
Nourish You operates with core values of Clean-label, Vegan, Fair Trade Practices with farmers,
and sustainability for the planet. Having launched with 50 to 5000 acres of Quinoa and Chia
farms across Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh. Nourish You has pioneered the
concept of Superfoods in India and continues to aid the country’s journey from being a net
importer of Quinoa and Chia to an exporter. Nourish You’s product portfolio includes Quinoa,
Chia, Millets, Edible Seeds (Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower and Watermelon), Breakfast Cereals
(Muesli and Fills), Meal Mixes and Nut Mixes, and is available in India, Singapore, Nepal, Kenya,
Dubai, Mongolia and Maldives.