Recently, Hygienelabs™ has secured ground-breaking verification from The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s regulatory authority that its new-technology disinfectant treatment can inactivate the COVID-19 virus on surfaces for up to 24hrs to 28 days per application. It is the only product in Australia, and possibly worldwide, to have proven and certificated 28-day effectiveness against Coronavirus infection on surfaces.

The treatment has also been approved by delegated laboratories for use in the cabins of Airbus and Boeing airliners. Also, the Hygienelabs™ disinfectant has been independently evaluated and certificated by Eurofins Environment Testing Australia Pty Ltd, a division of Eurofins Scientific, one of the world’s leading bioanalytical testing organisations, with some 800 laboratories in 50 countries.

The COVID-19 has necessitated stringent hygiene and safety measures to regain the customers’ faith and enhance their experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Adhering to the utmost level of safety and hygiene is key to increasing customer footfall, building loyal consumer base and generating return on investment. Hygienelabs™ skin and surface’ products reduce transmission by physical contact risk, cross contamination risk and droplet transfer risk in high- traffic environments such as reception areas, lifts, rooms and high-frequency touchpoints throughout guest areas.

Its product range find wide applications in the hospitality industry, transport, gymnasiums, cruise lines, restaurants, theatres and food and beverage sectors that warrant stringent hygiene control measures to enhance customers’ confidence and experience.

Hygienelabs™ Foam Sanitiser uses a water-based, bonded coating that is safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment. The indegenious technology of this sanitiser creates a barrier to germs on your skin and provides resistance for up to 24 hours and keeps your skin moisturized.

Hygienelabs™ 3-in-1 Skin & Surface wipes offer instant clean-up and sanitisation on the go. It inactivates 99.99% of germs instantly, with a lasting effect for up to 24 hours on skin and 7 days on hard surfaces. These wipes are practical for everyday use on furniture, fridges, and even most hard, non-porous surfaces including Finished Wood, Sealed Marble, Stainless Steel, Laminated Floors, Glass and Plastic.

Similarly, Hygienelabs™ 3-in-1 Surface Disinfectant Spray is a safe way to inactivate 99.99% of germs and inhibit mould and mildew growth. It is useful for disinfectant fogging of rooms to remove pathogens from the air and from surfaces within the room.

Hygienelabs™ Surface & Air Fogger is a 2-in-1 treatment forms a long-lasting protective coating within interior or enclosed spaces up to 30sq/m for extended periods. It’s ideal applications include living spaces, storage areas and bathrooms.
The highlight of Hygienelabs™ products is the 5th generation SiQuat technology that serves as an alternative treatment to inactivate bacteria.

Born out of a commitment to address the challenge of inadequate hygiene, Hygiene Labs has carved its niche as a biotechnology company that manufactures and distributes array of wellness products such as surface disinfectant sprays, antimicrobial shield atomizers, surface and skin ‘wet wipes’ and foaming sanitisers for hands to cater to individuals as well as businesses.