Hoeller Manufacturing, the Austrian-based designer and manufacturer of innovative buffet solutions, is to open a new manufacturing facility in India to serve new and existing foodservice customers on a global stage.

The announcement coincides with an agreement reached with Intertek India to certify the safety of its products, processes and systems for use by US foodservice operators who require 110v power (as opposed to 230v for Europe and Asia).

The new facility, which mirrors Hoeller’s existing facility in Europe, will include a manufacturing line, design office and warehouse/storage to support the manufacture and delivery of its complete range of buffet systems. These include an innovation that enables operators to alternate between hot and cold buffet service throughout the day while using exactly the same plate.

The flexibility comes from the plates themselves that can operate in the range between +140°C (hot) to -5°C (cold). They are also extremely fast to heat up or cool down, taking minutes not hours, thus again giving chefs flexibility in service. They take 30 minutes to go from hot to cold and less than 15 minutes for cold to hot. In addition, the buffet counter and cabinet, and the lighting and the heat bridge can also be further customised.

Joachim Hoeller, Founder of Hoeller Manufacturing, says his business pursues a mission of ceaseless innovation: “We aim to take the consultant’s and owner’s perception of a buffet system to another level, where we innovate and engineer solutions that are practical, meaningful and flexible.

“With this new facility, and our agreement with Intertek India, we will be able to give even more consultants the flexibility of being able to create either a hot or a cold buffet system, virtually at the flick of the switch and using the same plates, removing a major headache and delivering greater choice for their customers and projects.”

Hoeller Manufacturing delivers customised systems to any size, design, material, colour and function, often within very tight budgets. A feature of its systems are low profile cooling and heating generators that are not only very quiet but also take up less space under the counter, leaving more room for a better customer/operator experience.

Its systems are all produced to the highest (H3) hygiene standards and can accommodate 304 stainless steel, Dekton, Gorilla Glass, ESG glass and a range of other quality, yet cost-effective materials. Standard products in GN sizes are also available