HL Agro Products, the noted manufacturer & exporter of sesame seeds
& corn derivative products has received food safety certification through the British Retail
Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) for its fully automated sesame processing facility based i n
Kanpur . The facility was given an A Grade following an in – depth audit carried out at the end of
September and is now ready to serve customers that require BRC compliance. The accreditation will
allow HL Agro to enter sectors of the market only accessible to certified producers as the company
continues to increase its market share.
BRC is one of the most highly regarded certification programs recognized by the Global Food Safety
Initiative (GFSI). It contains requirements for food processors to follow to build an effective food
safety management system. The standard aims to harmonise international food safety standards
and promotes consistency across the supply chain for food and ingredient manufact urers,
wholesalers, and distributors. To attain certification, the sesame facility operated by HL Agro
underwent a third – party audit of everything from quality management and risk analysis to building
standards for food safety, operations, p roduct and proc ess control , and p ersonnel.
HL Agro’s fully automated sesame production line is set up to serve those in need of larger
quantities, high standards and short lead times. With this new BRC – approved sesame pro cessing
facility , the company aims to service food manufacturers and food – service retailers looking for direct
food contact ingredient solutions.
“BRC is one of the most challenging certifications to earn. When you receive a certification from a
renowned program like theirs, it supports client trust . ” remarked Mr. Akhilesh Sahu, Managing
Director – HL Agro. ” The BRC Certification is in – line with our commitment to provide the highest
quality sesame seeds that protects our customers’ brands . Achieving certification against the BRC
Global Standard for Food Safety proves our level of competence in HACPP, hygiene, food safety
and quality systems. At the same time, it demonstrates our commitment to consumer safety and
stakeholder relations.” h e added
The BRC is a widely recognized standard with certifying bodies in nearly 100 countries worldwide. By
introducing the standard for quality, hygiene and product safety acknowledged by the GFSI (Global
Food Safety Initiative), HL Agro creates a further level of transparency for its international customers
from the food industry and strengthens its position as a quality sesame manufacturer on the market .
HL Agro had previously already underlined its position as a supplier for the food and beverage
products mark et with certification s according to the ISO: 22 0 005, FSSAI, Halal, USFDA & Kosher
T o v iew the certificate, click here .
For more information on the BRCGS food safety standards, benefits & certification process,
visit: https://www.brcgs.com/