Helbred India – an ayurvedic D2C brand has launched its range of squashes by introducing Buransh (Rhododendron) squash and Ginger, Lemon, Mint mix branded as Nirvana Mix squash.

The squashes are made from the naturally grown flowers and herbs in the Himalayan mountains. These flowers and herbs are cold-pressed to bring out the most authentic and natural product and to make it healthier the squashes are sweetened by Jaggery Powder (Khaand). Hence, reducing the chances of sugar-related disorders and beneficial for sugar patients.

Ruchita Chandola, co-founder, said, “Helbred means health, and Helbred India is a mission towards Healthy India. By re-imagining Ayurveda, we are constantly looking for options to serve healthier alternatives to the denizens. The squashes are just the beginning, and we intend to offer more natural and organic products in the coming months.”

The squashes can be consumed by adding 3 parts of water/soda to one part of the squash, also the squashes can be served over ice-creams, salads, and in any other creative way.

Buransh is already proven to be beneficial for skin ailments, the antioxidant properties are good to detox the body and can be used if one has suffered from diabetes, BP, rashes, bone pain, anemia, diarrhea to name a few.

The Ginger, Lemon, and Mint mix is one of the most refreshing drinks in the market which can uplift the mood when served chilled during summers. The first sip provides a wave of freshness in the body and the benefits of ginger, lemon and mint are proven by generations before us and will remain the same for the generations to come.

Commenting on the availability and pricing Ruchita said, “We have tied up with delivery partners to deliver across the country. The whole idea is that, if you are not traveling to Uttarakhand then this should not let you miss the goodness of products as we can deliver the rich ayurvedic products at your doorsteps at a very reasonable cost in today’s times.”

These squashes also known as DIY Juices can be bought from the website www.helbredindia.in and soon will be available on other e-commerce platforms. The introductory price for Buransh Squash is Rs 550, and Nirvana Mix at Rs 400 with free shipping.