VUUM, the groundbreaking health and wellness brand, is thrilled to announce its official launch today, poised to revolutionize the way people approach their daily nutrition. With a pioneering approach to protein consumption, VUUM Technologies introduces the first-of-its-kind carbonated plant-protein drink, setting a new standard for functional beverages. Founded by forward-thinking entrepreneurs Valentino Sinacola and Matt Forsey, VUUM is set to redefine the landscape of nutrition supporting today’s modern consumer with an active life VUUM’s launch is fueled by a mission to empower individuals to reach their full potential. Co-founder Valentino Sinacola envisions VUUM as a platform that bridges the gap between innovation and nutrition, offering products that empower health and inspire positive change. “After three years of relentless research, formulation, and testing, we’re so excited to officially launch VUUM. VUUM is a commitment to making the extraordinary achievable. We’re all about pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible,” says Sinacola.

Matt Forsey, co-founder of VUUM, adds, “VUUM is a testament to the intersection of taste, health, and performance. We weren’t satisfied with the ready-to-drink options in the energy or protein spaces, so we set out to create our better-tasting, clean combination of the two. Our products are designed to empower anyone on their journey towards holistic well-being. We are proud to offer consumers a breakthrough new functional beverage that reimagines the concept of protein consumption and introduces a refreshing alternative to traditional protein beverages.”

VUUM reconceptualizes the protein drink category by introducing clear, light, and bubbly plant protein. Harnessing the power of clean ingredients, 10g plant-based protein and 135mg natural caffeine from guarana seed extract and green tea extract, VUUM delivers a synergistic blend that nourishes the body and sustains the mind. The formulation also incorporates theanine and amino acids that support performance, endurance, and recovery in addition to vitamins C, B12, and D, and essential minerals like zinc and magnesium. This proprietary mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids was curated to elevate VUUM’s overall functionality, supporting users in their pursuit of better living. Additionally, the carbonated plant-protein drink is sweetened with stevia, providing a guilt-free, gut-friendly, flavorful experience. VUUM also remains free of any artificial ingredients, featuring only natural colors and botanically derived flavors that enhance the overall taste and quality.

Available in three flavors, White Peach Citrus Ginger, Strawberry Tangerine, and Berries, VUUM is a fresh and bubbly drink made from plants. VUUM’s carbonated plant-protein drink propelled by natural caffeine is versatile and designed for various use cases to support active bodies and minds at work and in movement. It helps support muscle repair, lean muscle mass development, and optimal performance while offering satiety and sustenance to keep you energized throughout the day and providing sustained energy without jitters or crashes to enhance mental clarity.

As consumer demand for more health-conscious, functional beverages increases, VUUM’s innovative approach is set to make a significant impact on how people view nutrition, energy, and overall well-being. VUUM is currently available to purchase nationwide at for $4.49, with exciting retail and partnerships to announce soon.