With the palate of Indian consumers becoming more sophisticated, and willing to experiment with new flavours, Havmor Ice Cream, a leading Indian ice cream brand and a subsidiary of Lotte Wellfood Co. Ltd., has unveiled its range of exciting flavours of creamy ice creams this season.

Promising a delightful indulgence, the brand has announced an array of 10 new thoughtfully created flavours, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. This season, the brand proudly captivates a range of innovative and enticing creamy ice creams, reflecting their shared passion for an exceptional assortment of flavours that cater to the evolving taste of Indian consumers.

By infusing traditional ice cream flavours with a touch of opulence, the brand creates a captivating experience with their Rajwadi Kulfi Falooda, an exquisite creation that fulfils the desires of ice cream enthusiasts craving the luxurious taste of dry fruits. Zulubar is known to be the most loved chocolaty ice cream.

To take the chocolate loved ones a notch higher, it has launched Zulubar, Dark Crunch, as a new variant. This irresistible treat is enriched with delightful dark chocolate pieces coated with almonds, providing an indulgent sensation for those with a passion for chocolate. For an exotic and rich ice cream adventure, savour Wild Berries Blockbuster, infused with the luscious goodness of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. With every bite, prepare to be surprised by the burst of exotic berries, creating an unforgettable and truly delightful indulgence.

Rishabh Verma, VP of marketing, Havmor Ice Cream, said, “We have consistently strived to craft exceptional products, and with our latest offerings, we aspire to offer our consumers an elevated ice cream experience under the distinct brands of Havmor and Lotte. Our dedicated team has put in tireless efforts to curate a range that encompasses beloved classics and daring new creations, catering to diverse consumer preferences. The response to these new flavors has been remarkable, and we are confident that our consumers will continue to delight in these exquisite tastes as the ultimate way to beat the summer heat.”