Happilo, the premium healthy snacking brand, unveiled its new brand identity and redesigned logo. These changes come at a time when the brand is expanding its reach globally. The company’s essence, which remains faithful to healthy snacking, is still embodied in the new brand identity, which has undergone aesthetical changes for an elevated appeal. The packaging and logo are re-designed to be versatile and youthful to appeal to a varied audience.

Designed as per international standards and to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, the new logo and packaging, while retaining some iconic elements, evokes a feeling of happiness, fun, and enthusiasm. The curved line in the logo that symbolises a smile signifies joy, love, and positivity.

The colour palate leans towards green, which represents nature and growth. The new logo will now be used on the packaging across all product categories. Happilo, with its reimagined brand identity, will broaden its footprint into global markets across continents, viz., Oceania, the Middle East, and the USA.

It offers healthy, delectable products familiar to the taste palate that can be consumed throughout the day. Along with the new brand identity, the brand has diversified its product portfolio to cater to the ever-evolving demands of consumers. It has launched an array of new offerings that can be consumed in various forms throughout the day.

The newly launched dry fruit bars and brittles use dry fruits as the base ingredient. These bars don’t contain oats or synthetic protein, and are developed to match the taste palate across geographies. Apart from these, the brand has also launched peanut butter, muesli, and interesting flavours of peanut, chickpeas, and makhana, with the assurance that the products are gluten-free, with no preservatives, no added sugar, no genetically modified organisms, and have zero cholesterol.

Vikas D Nahar, founder & CEO, Happilo, said, “Happilo was born with the vision to spread happiness and love through healthy and tasty products. Our new identity is global and premium—not only our image but also our products, which cater to customers who are looking for healthy snacking options. With this launch, we are confident of a big leap in the category. Packed in a new avatar, our new range of products aims to capture the new-age customers and be a part of their daily eating habits.”

Nikita Aggarwal, head of marketing, Happilo, says, “The new brand identity and the logo mark a new era of Happilo. Not only does the identity signify a lot of business milestones that the brand is set out to achieve, it also upholds the core values of health and taste on which the brand was built. We are excited about the new journey and look forward to achieving greater heights.”