Gulabs, the Chennai-based food and beverage makers has launched Thandai in its instant drink powder form to make the upcoming Holi festival season convenient when it comes to serving drinks. Each 20 gram sachet contains a blend of rich and traditional ingredients such as saffron, khus khus, cardamom, almonds, musk melon seeds etc, that will ensure the perfect Thandai drink gets prepared in an instant by mixing the powder in chilled milk.

The powdered form makes it travel-friendly, easy to store and carry, and relish the drink whenever one craves for a healthy and natural drink. Gulabs also offers Thandai in the concentrate syrup form that can be mixed with chilled milk. Gulabs has made sure that the Thandai is 100% natural and has no added preservatives, colour, artificial flavours or chemicals.

“We have always believed that food and beverages taste best when made from their natural source, and are proud to be one of the few brands to offer a 100% Natural Thandai, as a concentrate as well as a powder. For the upcoming Holi season, as everyone gets busy with the celebrations, we are absolutely confident that our powdered form of Thandai will save time in preparing the drinks”, says Ruchika Gupta, Business Head, Gulabs.

With the world going digital, one can get their hands on this delicious beverage for the season from Gulabs’ website, Amazon, Flipkart or can even drop a Whatsapp message on +91-7200956060 to order in bulk.