Grover Zampa Vineyards introduces Grover Chêne Grande Reserve Chardonnay. It is the most graceful white wine which has been aged for 9 months in French oak barrels. This gives it a rich creamy texture with a toasty flavour and hints of vanilla. Made from premium Chardonnay grapes, this wine is the best expression of Indian terroir.

Exhibiting the subtle and elegant aromas of nectarine, hazelnuts, vanilla, and crème brûlèe, this delectable wine consists of concentrated flavours of apple, pear, and green plums.

VivekChandramohan, chief executive officer, said, “Chardonnay is a Noble Grape variety in white wines! It is complex and sophisticated with high ageing potential. With the help of our expert viticulture team, we have tested this variety and succeeded in producing grapes that were right to make high-quality reserve wines. We strongly believe that Indian market has a huge potential for Chardonnay. It is truly one of the most popular grape varieties in India and across the globe. Owing to its extremely delicate and challenging process to grow, very few wineries in India produce a Chardonnay however we have been successful to have achieved it with our experience and vision. We are sure our patrons will savour the distinctive flavours and unparalleled taste.”

The wine pairs beautifully with light and delicate food such as steamed or grilled fish, lightly cooked crab, prawns, pasta and risotto with spring vegetables. The texture and smoothness of the wine also pairs well with cream enhanced soups, mildly spiced creamy Indian curries with spinach, potatoes, fish and poultry