Taking its #RespectAllBandhans campaign to newer heights, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies (GILAC), through its owned media platforms of Godrej L’Affaire and Godrej Vikhroli Cucina unveils two digital films. This heartwarming campaign serves as a reminder to respect and protect every bond while being cognizant of the biases and stereotypes, paving the way for a united world. Both films beautifully depict that every bond deserves to be cherished, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or any other factor that may otherwise lead to discrimination.

Respect transcends labels, genders, and relationships. Godrej L’Affaire, the experiential owned media lifestyle platform by Godrej Industries portrayed it elegantly in the #RespectAllBandhans digital film. It illustrates how practicing kindness fosters a world of mutual respect. The video questions- Just as we turn on Goodknight Gold Flash for peaceful sleep, what if we could also turn off stereotypes that easily. Just as we can now make restaurant-style food at home with Godrej Yummiez, what if we could extend family-style unity to the world outside. Just as removing greys is so easy with Godrej Expert Rich Crème, what if we could remove our mental biases too. Just as a simple bar of Cinthol Lime soap can make us feel alive and awesome, what if we could make each other feel the same too. Just as loans with Godrej Capital go beyond the load of gender and offer same-sex loans, what if we could also let go of the load of gender differences. Just as products at Godrej Agrovet through its offerings ensure the health and wellness of cattle, what if we treated animals just as kindly. And finally, just as we don’t let any negativity reach our homes, what if we treated our nation as our home too.

Similarly, boosting this campaign with an interesting and tasty twist, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina, the owned media platform by Godrej Industries dedicated to food and culinary space, collaborated with Chef Vicky Ratnani to cook an interesting Respect All Bandhan recipe titled ‘Chatpata Humanity Millet Chat’. This recipe is made with Godrej Yummiez Millet Patty and a few other ingredients. Every step in the recipe not only guides the viewer through the cooking process but also weaves in profound messages about shattering biases and stereotypes. Beyond a mere recipe, it’s a thoughtful exploration of inclusivity and kindness.