What happens when someone says cheese? What kinds of euphoria do you experience? Is it a melange of flavourful explosions & fireworks inside your head that Remy from Ratatouille felt? or is it like the violins playing symphonies composed by Mozart? Most cheese lovers say it’s a feeling that can’t be explained! The only question we seek answers to is how much cheese is too much cheese? And in all fairness, we think it’s safe to conclude that “There can never be enough cheese!”

Urban Platter is India’s largest epic vegan superstore for all your gourmet and culinary needs with a wide range of sustainable and healthy options to choose from. Constantly evolving through understanding consumer choices, Urban Platter thrives on reinventing its products tailored to fit your lifestyle and dietary choices. With the dawn of new age and infinite possibilities in cuisines, foodies still turn to cheese as a magnificent piece of food that they can’t do without. An age-old staple loved for its richness, creaminess, flavours, and satiating elements.

Taking the love of the people for this beloved product, Urban Platter proudly introduces its new premium quality vegan cheese. The growing prominence has made people conscious of the calorie intake and the ingredients used. In the industry that is predominately focusing on products made from dairy and milk-related substances people with issues like lactose intolerance, gluten allergies and disorders find it difficult to cope with the choices of ingredients available on shelves when they crave something ….cheesy. Urban Platter believes in providing the perfect substitutes and doesn’t want you to miss out on the taste or compromise with the quality thus recreating a perfect alternative for all your cheese-related needs.

“If there is one thing Vegans can’t get enough of it is good quality Vegan Cheese. A cheese for every occasion, a sharp parmesan for risottos, a creamy feta for salads, a stretchy mozzarella for pizzas or the perfect partner for bagels – Cream Cheese. We finally have it and we cannot wait for our customers to try it and make wonderful creations with the exquisite range of Vegan Cheese all the way from Greece,” said Jay Mota, Innovation Head, Urban Platter.

Urban Platter introduces a premium selection of quality cheeses originating from Greece, made from coconut oil and potato starch; the vegan cheeses will check all your boxes and let you indulge without a frown on your head. Making rounds in different forms, textures, and colours, from white to blue, the available variants are Gouda, Mozzarella, cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, cream cheese and many more. The uncomplicated add on cheese will enhance the taste and texture of your food and fit into all dishes from sandwiches and salads to pizzas, pastas and baked goodies. Competitive in price, the wide range is sure to bring an additional delight to your homemade pizzas and sandwiches with flavours of Italian ovens or be it your brunch time cheeseboards or just some interesting dips for your party snacks.

Urban Platter’s premium vegan cheese is the versatile ingredient that can give your recipe a heavenly touch and is nothing less than a blessing to humankind!