The sunshine state of Goa is home to a number of sweet treats — Serradura, Dodol, Bolo De Rulao and Bebinca to name a few. And yet it’s only the latter that’s commonly hailed as the Queen of Goan desserts. Relish the authentic taste of this traditional Goan Layered dessert on your next visit to Goa. Montana Bebinca is available across Goa including the 41 Pastry Palace Stores in the state.

Montana Confectioners Pvt Ltd is into manufacturing of a variety of bakery and confectionery items like breads, cookies, khari, cakes, tarts, brownies mousses etc. and also traditional Goan delicacies like Bebinca, Dodol, Bulinha. A homegrown brand with 3 generations and more than 60 years of baking experience, Montana Confectioners’ is the manufacturing unit that supplies to the retail stores under the brand name Pastry Pastry and has presence in 41 different locations. All their packaged products are marketed under the brand Montana and are supplied in the local market through appointed company distributors. Bebinca being a perishable item, Montana Confectioners’ is proud to be one of the first movers in the market to introduce packaged bebinca with a shelf life of 4 month of these 7 well defined perfectly baked layers, beautiful texture and flavour with high quality ingredients used. It is only available in Goa but is shipped across the country.

It is a technique-focused pudding which can take up to 8 to 10 hours to make. It has about 7 layers, which means it requires an intensive cooking process. What makes it the Queen of Goan desserts is the sheer intricacy involved in baking it. This multi-layered pudding is intrinsic to Goa’s culinary identity. So much so that his ministry would push for a geographical indication (GI) tag for this signature dessert. The brand’s target audience are tourists, non-resident Goans, food enthusiasts who love trying local delicacies and want to inspire people coming to Goa who want to take a slice of Goa back home to friends and family.

Speaking to Shriya Phadte – The Chef & Director at Montana Confectioners Pvt Ltd, she says “It was always the ultimate goal for me to join the family- run business, something I have always been passionate about. Both the brands Pastry Palace and Montana are very close to my heart. We have 140 people working at our manufacturing unit out of which 10 are exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of Bebinca & Dodol. My aim is to make this home- grown brand the number 1 brand for packaged Bebinca in the country. I want to popularize and put local goan desserts on the world food map.”

If you’re looking for something healthy and is filled with nutrients then we have the perfect option for you the Dodol, it is a set pudding that has a very unique taste, making you taste Goa in every bite. This dessert is made with locally sourced ingredients, the only ingredients in this nutrition packed desserts are: rice flour, ragi, palm jaggery, coconut, cardamom, cashew nuts and peanuts. The local rice flour acts as the thickening agent and lends a beautiful nutty flavour. The palm jaggery lends its nice dark brown colour, earthy caramelly undertones and is packed with nutrients.
After making it the most sought-after treat in Goa, Montana is all set to take India by storm by setting up a pan-India delivery service.
“We want this dessert to be not only something people take back from Goa but also a delicacy that can be enjoyed at home, they can now order a piece of Goa home. We have improved the packaging in such a way that it can be stored for 3-4 months and can become a staple in the dessert category” added Shriya.

So, if you love Goa and wish to reminisce about the beach state, all you need to do is order yourself a pack of Bebinca by Montana!