The FSSAI has decided to operationalise the draft regulations related to standards of packaged drinking water (other than mineral water) until the final notification is done. The regulations were related to the value of total dissolved solids, calcium and magnesium.

According to the FSSAI, it was decided upon request from the stakeholders seeking time for transition to new regulations.

“Representations have been received from the stakeholders seeking transition time for implementation of the direction and after due consideration, the authority has decided to extend the date of implementation for the above direction by 01.07.2023 or until final notification of ibid draft regulations whichever is earlier,” reads the direction.

Previously, the FSSAI had issued a direction in May 2022 wherein the date for implementation was set from Jan 1, 2023, and stated that ‘no further extension beyond 01.01.2023 shall be provided’.

In the May 2022 direction, the FSSAI published the FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Amendment Regulations with respect to the value of total dissolved solids, calcium and magnesium based on recommendation of the scientific committee.

And as the process of approval by the food authority was on, and to allow the food businesses to formulate packaged drinking water (other than mineral water), FSSAI stated that it was decided to operationalise the provisions of the amended draft with immediate effect.

The draft proposed that under sub regulation 2.10.8 relating to standards of packaged drinking water of the FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, the permissible limits shall be substituted as total dissolved solids mg/l – 75 to 500, calcium as Ca, mg/l – 10 to 75, and magnesium as Mg, mg/l – 5 to 30