FSSAI has issued a notice specifying the authorisation mechanism for recycled plastics manufacturers as per the draft Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2022, for permitting the use of recycled plastics as food contact materials.Under the ‘mechanism,’ the operator of a recycling plant shall apply and obtain an ‘authorisation’ from the ‘food authority’ by submitting necessary information in the prescribed proforma. And the ‘authorisation’ will allow such manufacturers to recycle plastic as food contact material while the food authority will have the right to inspect the premises, as and when required.According to the approved mechanism, the applicants desirous to manufacture food contact material from recycled material need to submit an application form along with a fee of Rs 2,000 and submit the application to the CEO, FSSAI.An official with the FSSAI said that the applications will be scrutinised and an ‘appropriate’ recommendation would be made for the approval within 30 days of the receipt of the application as specified in the guidelines.The applicants would be issued an authorisation letter similar to the approvals issued under the products/claims approvals, with a general condition that the food authority reserves the right to inspect the record, premises, manufacturing and other related facilities of the applicants prior/post authorisation.