The FSSAI has issued guidelines for submission of application for endorsement of vegan logo having details of procedure and processes involved for the same.

According to the guidelines, the Food Business Operator shall submit an application in Form-A (prescribed by the FSSAI) along with necessary documents and fees of Rs 5,000 (excluding G.S.T) and the food authority will scrutinise the application and may ask for additional documents, data and clarifications, if required.

The food authority may or may not grant approval to the application based on scrutiny while the food business can file an appeal with the CEO FSSAI in case of rejection.

The FSSAI may also withdraw approval granted to any FBO based on a complaint or inquiry.

Also, the guidelines say, “If a food business operator has any reason to believe that the vegan food for which the approval has been granted poses any risk to health or has not complied with the general requirement specified under FSS (Vegan Foods) Regulations, 2022, the Food Business Operator shall immediately suspend the manufacture, import, sale, or distribution of such article of food and take steps to recall the same under intimation to Food Authority in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards (Food Recall) Regulations, 2017.”

Food Safety and Standards (Vegan Foods) Regulations, 2022, has been gazette notified on June 10, 2022, and came in force with effect from its publication in the official gazette and it stipulates that ‘Food Authority may specify guidelines for approval of vegan logo’.

However, after receiving representation from the stakeholders, the FSSAI has decided to extend the date for compliance with the vegan regulations until January 26, 2023.