The apex food regulator of the country, FSSAI, has issued an alert on detection of salmonella in dried oregano from Chile. The FSSAI has issued a notice in this regard after receiving an alert from the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN).

The notice says, “An alert was received from the International Food Safety Authorities Network – INFOSAN with regard to detection of salmonella in Sweden in dried oregano from Chile.”

The notice added that the ‘implicated’ product was also imported into India by Keya Foods International Pvt. Ltd and has been distributed within India.

The alert was generated after a lab testing was conducted in May and June this year by an European laboratory Eurofins.

The FSSAI has also asked the state food authorities to ensure total recall of the product from the market to ensure food safety.

“With possibility of this product reaching consumers through online sales or by other means and considering the health risk which may be posed by consumption of the said product due to contamination of salmonella sp, all state food authorities are advised to take necessary action including complete recall of the product from market,” reads the notice.

Also, the FSSAI has appealed to the consumers/general public not to consume the product and return it, if purchased.

The listed batch of the product oregano in question was from Feb 2020 to April 2021.