The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order fixing the anomaly in rules governing the fortification of food products. FSSAI has notified the FSS (Fortification of Food) Regulations in 2018 prescribing the limits and parameters for fortification of atta, maida and salt. This though, the FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additive) Regulations, 2011, also contained rules and parameters for fortified food including atta, maida and salt. The FSSAI, therefore, decided to remove the rules in the FSS (Food Products & Food Additive) Regulations regarding fortified food through an amendment. The same amended regulation is also being operationalised with immediate effect, says FSSAI so that the duplication in implementation of the regulations may be avoided. The specific regulations for fortified food notified in 2018 shall govern these products now. “To avoid duplication, a proposal for omission of these standards (for fortified food) from the FSS (Food Products & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011, is under the process of final notification. And to safeguard FBOs from facing any legal action by the state food authorities, it was decided to operationalise the proposed amendment with immediate effect,” says an official with the FSSAI. According to the FSSAI, it was in receipt of several complaints about FBOs facing legal challenges because of the two separate regulations governing the same product