The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a direction for revision in the nomenclature of ‘Blended Edible Oil’. According to the direction, the blended edible oil which was renamed as ‘Multi Sourced Edible Vegetable Oil’ recently will now be called as ‘Multi Sourced Edible Oil’.

The term ‘vegetable’ was removed after the apex food regulator got representation from the stakeholders.

The change in nomenclature of blended edible vegetable oil to multi sourced edible vegetable oil came into effect on June 8, 2021, after the FSSAI had earlier notified the same in the official gazette.

However, food businesses expressed concerns over the labelling requirement and the alignment of such a ‘large’ nomenclature (Multi Sourced Edible Vegetable Oil) on the packages.

“Considering the concerns regarding labelling and need to align the nomenclature, the food authority in its 33rd meeting held on 23rd March 2021 has decided to remove the term ‘vegetable’ and change the nomenclature as ‘Multi Sourced Edible Oil’ wherever it is specified in the FSS Regulations,” reads the notification.

Further, food businesses also requested the FSSAI to extend the dates for compliance with the provisions of labelling and display rules as several amendments were taken place like font size, nomenclature, and others.

The FSSAI says that it has agreed to the demand to further the dates for the compliance of the labelling norms.

The direction reads, “The Food Safety And Standards (Prohibition And Restrictions On Sales) Amendment Regulations 2021, Food Safety Standards –Food Product Standards And Food Additive Amendment Regulations 2021 and Food Safety And Standards Labelling And Display-Amendment Regulations 2021 are operationalised from 17.11.2021 to address the concerns.”

Food businesses were also given time until November 17 to use the old packaging material with old nomenclature with respect to edible oil