Freedom Rice Bran Oil in association with 10K Run Foundation organized the 18th edition of Freedom 10K Run to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Freedom 10K Run is considered to be amongst the oldest runs in the country. The run was organized into 3 categories: Elite for professionals, 10K for serious runners, and 5K run for beginners. This edition of Freedom 10K run was a grand success with over 5000 runners participating and finishing the run. The participants were encouraged to improve their fitness levels by stepping up their exercise over the last month, to prepare for the Freedom 10K run and complete it, thereby making exercise a part of their routine.

The secret to good health is to eat healthy food cooked in a healthy oil with a balanced profile and lead a healthy lifestyle with regular walks and exercise as a part of the regime. Rice bran oil is known for its high levels of bioactive phytochemicals, such as oryzanol, tocopherols, and sterols. Freedom physically refined Rice bran oil is extracted using a novel physical refining process. The process helps retain 4 times more micronutrients like 10000+ ppm of Oryzanol per 100 mg in the end product. Therefore, Freedom Physically refined rice bran oil has the ‘O’ factor that helps reduce cholesterol and helps you to ‘Eat Healthy and Live Healthy’. Moreover, Rice bran oil is one of the healthiest choices available in cooking oils ideal for Indian cooking due to its high smoking point.

According to experts, if people maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right, drink at least 2 litres of water every day, avoid bad habits like smoking, regularly monitor and control diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and Cholesterol levels and choose a healthy oil like Rice Bran Oil, they are likely to stay healthy and safe.

Speaking about the Freedom 10K Run Mr. P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freedom Rice Bran Oil, “Freedom Rice Bran Oil is proud and happy to see such an overwhelming response to this edition of Freedom 10K run. It feels greattttt!!! to associate with sporting events that encourage health, fitness, and an active & healthy lifestyle in the people of our country. Freedom 10K Run provided a much-needed platform for runners of all levels and the rest of India. We congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants, especially the first-time participants who practiced a disciplined, active lifestyle and prepared for the run and complete it.”