Ferrero is adding several new products to its Valentine’s Day lineup this year, including:

Butterfinger Valentine’s Minis
Butterfinger Mini Heart Shaped Box
CRUNCH Valentine’s Minis
CRUNCH Minis Heart Shaped Box
100 Grand Heart Shaped Box
Assorted Chocolate Minis for Valentine’s Classroom Exchange (Butterfinger, CRUNCH, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth)
In addition, Ferrero is releasing new Easter goodies, including:

Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg
Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs (available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate)
Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack
Butterfinger Minis Basket Filler Pack
Butterfinger Minis Bag
CRUNCH Minis Bag
The new sweets are now available for purchase, joining the brand’s returning Valentine’s Day and Easter products.