Farmer Fresh is one of the most reputed dairy manufacturing brands that operate under the parent company Alpha Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd., which is being managed by a 40-year-old business group and customer networks spread across 18 countries.

It is the brand’s huge experience and business know-how that propelled it to go ahead and build an efficient world-class state-of-the-art production facility which further enabled it with a milk handling capacity of 6,00,000 plus liters per day.

With the renewed focus on DTC (direct to consumer), the brand realised the need to streamline and refresh its communication. It gave mandate to DigiStreet, an independent Marcom agency with a creative strong-arm based out in capital region.

Samarth Gupta, director, Farmer Fresh, said, “What intrigued and excited me about DigiStreet is the amount of research and perspective the agency team provided us with. Along with brand communication and marketing outlook, the team has also started up with setting online marketplaces, redesigning product packaging and web development and social media.”

To start with, two communication routes were adopted, one English and one in Hindi in order to reach out to a much larger audience. The English communication was created by creatively tweaking the brand name itself. The communication ‘Far More Fresh, Far More Healthy’ has a ring of the brand name in it, which the company personifies as readBetweenWorDS. Also, it translates the practical and real underlying purpose that consumer ultimately crave for.

Since the brand has a large presence in the sub urban to rural part of the country as well, a Hindi communication was also needed that talks about the brand’s indulgence into health and freshness quotient of the products. Swaad Sehaat Ka is the Hindi communication that both the agency and the brand thought is apt for the brand to be projected in the desired outlook.

Darpan Sharma, CEO and strategist, DigiStreet, said, “Like always, we put in a lot of efforts through our very own frame work that’s RLC Research-Logic-Connect to find out what’s missing in the brand to create the boost from a trade and real user point of view. This (RLC) clubbed with the razor sharp vision of Smarth himself, we were able to co-create this. We are blessed to have Alpha Milk in our roaster. Although it is just the start with Farmer Fresh, we hope to travel a long way and contribute consistently to keep it Fresh with healthy strategy in place in these dynamic times.”