The flagship wrap brand by Rebel Foods, the world’s largest internet restaurant, Faasos, steps up its game with the launch of an all-new Shawarma range. Already making waves across 335+ locations in over 75 cities, Faasos’ Shawarma is pegged to be more than a dish but an emotion-binding food enthusiasts nationwide. This significant launch establishes Faasos as the biggest Shawarma player in the country, introducing a line of eight extraordinary Shawarma variants, each promising a seared, smoked, and sizzling experience. These new variants include Classic Peppy Chicken, Special Smoky Chicken, Sizzled Falafel, Paneer Tikka to name a few.

Some of the new variants include:
Classic Peppy Chicken Shawarma- Wrap your taste buds around warm kuboos or rumali roti with spiced chicken, creamy hummus, garlic mayo, pickled veggies, and french fries.

Special Smoky Chicken Shawarma- Brace yourself for a Mediterranean treat inside warm kuboos or rumali roti, loaded with juicy, marinated grilled chicken, velvety hummus, garlic mayo and french fries!

Sizzled Falafel Shawarma- Experience Turkish magic wrapped in warm kuboos, with loaded toppings of crispy fried falafels, garlic mayo, creamy hummus, french fries and pickled veggies inside.

Paneer Tikka Shawarma- Your Lebanese cravings have met their match! Bite into a paneer shawarma wrapped in warm kuboos, loaded inside with marinated paneer tikka, garlic mayo, hummus, french fries, pickled veggies and cabbage!

Pragati Dalal, vice president of marketing at Rebel Foods said, “At Faasos, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and exceeding expectations. We understand that indulging in the same meals over and over can be boring. The vast variety of flavours and options that come with Faasos wraps is the perfect solution to this problem. With this new range of Shawarmas, especially with the New Year celebrations approaching, we are elevating this festive spirit with more delightful food options to choose from. This launch also marks another milestone in the brand’s journey to reach new customers with unparalleled culinary experiences, making every meal memorable.”