Eurofins Assurance India Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has received provisional Certification Body approval for FAMI-QS, the world renown quality and safety certification scheme for feed industry.

FAMI-QS, which stands for Feed Additives and PreMixtures Quality System, is developed to promote and safeguard globally the safety, quality and compliance of feed ingredients and additives. Currently FAMI-QS is composed of key feed manufacturers and traders, and its certified companies are located in more than 47 countries in the world.

Eurofins Assurance India has been on the forefront on food and feed safety with a wide suite of certification, audit, food labelling and training programmes for the region. The provisional approval as Certification Body by FAMI-QS signifies further the robust expertise and knowledge in scheme and certification management possessed by Eurofins Assurance India.

With the provisional authorisation, the team is geared to support feed industry in meeting the stringent requirement of FAMI-QS, delivering assurance to the global food and feed supply chain.

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