The windy breeze and subtle drops of water, calls for some delightful snacking with loved ones, accompanied by the flavoured dips. Cornitos has a perfect partner for all your game night snack bowls, making your wraps complete with a range of Delectable Dips! The tasteful dips come in flavours of the right mix of cheese, the tanginess of jalapeno, to chunky tomato salsa available in two flavours of mild and spicy, there is a dip for every occasion.
The Cornitos Cheesy Jalapeno Dip is the coolest companion for making nachos a completely new dish for all your parties. This dip would be a tangy and flavourful twist to your nachos. Tomato Salsa is iconic and a mild flavour of chili gives it a kick of freshness. It is filled with the goodness of fresh tomatoes. It would surely compliment nachos and wraps that you serve at your next family gathering.
If you are an aficionado of spices, mix succulent tomatoes with spicy peppers and herbs, this chunky salsa dip can make the taste of all your dishes.
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