Aiming to understand consumers’ behavioural trends, Emami Mantra Masala, commissioned an extensive consumer survey on kitchen trends with Crownit Market Research, across over 1,000 households; males and females up to 35 years, NCCS A & B, and single and married families from various professions across India.

The report states that,
74% of married Indian males participate in cooking at least 4-5 times a week.
66% of husbands entered the kitchen for the first time to cook,during or post-Covid.
Family members cooking has led to better family bonding, as was indicated by 93% of respondents.
97% households are using healthier ingredients as compared to pre-Covid.
95% households also revealed in increase in the variety of their home cooked meals, post- Covid. This is backed by 92% respondents also indicating an increase in usage of more variety of spices.
Spices have always played an important role in the kitchen. The survey interestingly reveals that,
66% of respondents believed that spices lose aroma within a few days post opening the pack.
53% households found it difficult to re-seal their cut open spice pack and a staggering 98% expressed clear intent to buy a spice pack if it had zip-lock.
Close to 80% of households which grind spices at home, do it to get the best aroma, but only 26% have shown awareness towards Cryogenic Grinding Technology which ensures Best Aroma.
The survey also tracked consumption changes, pre- & post-Covid. Here are the details,
88% households indicated an increase in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
53% households indicated an increase in consumption of frozen foods
74% households indicated an increase in consumption of ready to cook
65% households indicated an increase in consumption of cooking sauces & pastes
70% households indicated an increase in consumption of packaged blended spices
Speaking on the findings, Debasis Bhattacharyya, president, marketing, Emami Agrotech Ltd, said, “The results from the survey are extremely insightful. It has revealed facts which shall be interesting for consumers and at the same time useful for Mantra Masala.”