Stimulating economic progress and increasing urbanization are expanding opportunities for the retail food and beverage market in India. Apart from this, riding on trends such as keto diet and vegan foods, the Indian food, beverage and dairy market is expected to grow prominently.
The upward trend has led to an abundance of f&b and temperature sensitive dairy options
combating for an optimal space in an outlet. Storage temperature is one of the most important
factors in the preservation of food as microorganisms grow the moment food is stored at incorrect temperature.
With the aim of providing an innovative refrigeration solution to the hyper-paced food, beverage and dairy market, ELANPRO has a unique product – Single Temperature Double Cabinet. The specially designed refrigerated cabinet maintains the quality while sustaining the safety of the food,beverage and dairy products. Elanpro Single Temperature Double Cabinet is available in the capacity range of 300 litres and has a temperature range between -20 degrees C to 4 degrees C.
Packed with latest innovation, the product is equipped with mechanical control and power indicator.
As per a study, people respond best when they are offered various options to choose from. The dual cabinet facilitates storage of multiple SKU in two different cabinet. Many a times outlets club
temperature sensitive dairy and food products with other beverages. However, dairy products
require a precise temperature management of 4 degrees C. Introducing ambient temperature
products (35 degrees C) such as water in the same refrigeration cabinet can have undesirable effect
on the structure, smell and taste of dairy products. The basic rule to be followed is store dairy items and products such as water, cold drinks separately.
ELANPRO’s multifunctional refrigeration cabinet helps storage and display of multiple products. The consumer centric product comes with double cabinets. This feature makes it easy to achieve the
best condition to keep products such as milk, yogurt, paneer cold drinks etc. at the same
temperature but separately. The product is apt for storing different brands in separate compartment, for easy selection by customers.
The product is made of pre-painted sheet and pressure foam that provides high insulation ensuring low power consumption and efficient temperature maintenance. The robust freezing facility helps cool quicker whilst consuming less electricity.
The state-of-art product further distinguishes Elanpro from its competition ensuring quality,
durability, consistency and an aesthetic impact to the upbeat market. Elanpro Single Temperature
Double Cabinet can be used at the selling point for temperature sensitive products such as retail
outlets, kirana outlets, medium sized dairy outlets, bakeries and cafes. The product is now available
at all Elanpro Dealer Stores including the recently opened Elanpro Experience Centers in Chennai,
Hyderabad, Kochi and Vijaywada. Visit for more details.