Gurugram-based Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (Elanpro), one of India’s leading commercial refrigeration companies, launches new Upright Freezer EFGV 1075. The newly launched freezer comes with a dual compressor which helps in maintaining the temperature as well as improves the longevity of the unit.

Furthermore, the product is also equipped with frost-free cooling technology preserving the freshness of the food for a longer duration and the inner metal liners giving the unit an aesthetic appeal. Henceforth, the freezer offers user-friendly features, durability, reliability and enhances productivity.

Recognising the trend and industry developments, the company curated an innovative and tech-friendly product. Designed light-in-weight, robust and durable, the new product is equipped with upgraded features such as Digital Temperature Display and Double LED Light. In addition, the product is also fitted with a unique triple pane heated glass which enhances energy efficiency by preventing heat transfers and minimising condensation.

Sanjay Jain, director, Elanpro, said, “We at Elanpro are dedicated to developing innovative yet user-friendly products which cater to our end users. Our team of experts analyse and study the industry and subsequently develop products that are efficient and possess reliability. The newly launched upright freezer is embedded with high-end features and is designed to meet the requirement of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Alongside, our innovative and latest offering is easy to use and operate. We are expecting to see a huge demand for this product from our existing clientele and at the same time, we are also hoping to tap newer markets and customers for the freezer.”

Technological advancement has led to the evolution on commercial refrigeration industry and in recent years, the products have been significantly upgraded meeting the industry trends and the consumer demands. The upright freezers are one of the most common freezers developed by the industry players. The product is widely used in supermarkets and hypermarkets and is intended to store frozen food for a long term. The shifts in consumer behaviour and retail network expansion are the key factors driving the demand for upright freezers.

The new freezer has lockable castors and doors that provide easy portability and mobility of the product. Also, the display door is transparent, allowing products to be easily visible