Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services, launched an enhanced version of its Smart Water Navigator. The free online tool helps businesses understand the value of water in their operations and take action to achieve corporate water goals.

This enhanced tool comes at a time when rising industrial water use continues to contribute to the world’s growing water stress and scarcity challenges. According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), the world will experience a 56% freshwater shortfall by 2030 if nothing changes, an increase from the 40% shortfall projected by the U.N. in 2015.

“This is an important time for industry to start closing the widening gap between freshwater supply and demand through smart water management,” said Ecolab President and CEO Christophe Beck. “We developed the Ecolab Smart Water Navigator to help businesses develop comprehensive, context-based plans and to better engage and support the teams responsible for driving smart water management.”

Businesses need to realize that smart water management is crucial and is imperative to business continuity.

Water Crisis is real. “Companies need to make it a board room priority as water management is imperative to business continuity. As the available freshwater reduces and demand increases, water scarcity is a real threat to growing businesses. It is imperative now how we need to build and grow businesses sustainably in the long run” – said Ecolab India – Managing Director, Geetha Srinivasa.  We see opportunities where others see challenges. And we know that our greatest impact comes from working together. The enhanced Smart Water Navigator  helps you increase water resilience and support responsible growth by turning corporate water targets into real, on-the-ground result.

Helping enable local water action
The enhanced Smart Water Navigator supports users who are just beginning to identify baseline water use as well as those who are ready to track year-over-year performance. The tool delivers an automated analysis of water use that allows users to set informed, context-based goals that consider the water basin health in surrounding communities and environments. New features include benchmarking across a portfolio of facilities and the ability to identify water withdrawal targets and risks and evaluate performance over time.

The Smart Water Navigator, first introduced in 2019, supports Ecolab’s broader mission to help industry reuse, recycle and reduce water, supporting resilient operations and healthy communities. Ecolab’s water stewardship efforts focus on identifying and supporting equitable and sustainable water use, and partnerships, like its founding membership in the Water Resilience Coalition, an industry-driven initiative, of the United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate.

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