In a novel culinary experiment, Easy Boba has introduced cutting chai and filter coffee ice cream softies at their Bandra outlet. These softies are a fusion of traditional Indian flavors and modern dessert techniques, offering a unique twist on classic beverages.

The cutting chai softy is crafted with authentic masala chai, evoking the taste of roadside chai vendors. Similarly, the filter coffee softy uses pure filter coffee extract to replicate the experience of enjoying a traditional South Indian coffee. Both softies come with tapioca pearls and are topped with the familiar Parle G biscuit, adding a touch of nostalgia to the innovative treats.

Adnan Sarkar, Founder of Easy Boba, shared his thoughts on the new offerings: “We wanted to create something that resonates with the local palate while offering a novel dessert experience. The cutting chai and filter coffee softies are our way of celebrating the rich flavors of India in a fun and modern way. We hope our customers enjoy these unique creations as much as we enjoyed making them.”

This launch is particularly timely as the monsoon season sets in, providing a comforting and indulgent option for rainy days. By combining local flavors with a contemporary dessert format, Easy Boba aims to bring a new dimension to familiar tastes.

These softies are available exclusively at Easy Boba’s Bandra outlet, inviting patrons to experience a fresh take on beloved Indian beverages.