DSM has announced the launch of its new Maxilact Super lactase enzyme, intended for the production of lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy products.

According to DSM, Maxilact Super is suitable for all lactose-free dairy applications, including milk, milk drinks or yogurts.

The company claims that the enzyme breaks down lactose ‘into its sweeter forms’, effectively lowering the sugar levels in products as much as 20%. DSM also asserts that the enzyme can reduce hydrolysis time in production by 33%, which can help to optimise production efficiency.

Maxilact Super is also free from invertase and arylsulfatase, which can reportedly produce off-flavors and reduce stability during the shelf life of dairy products.

A statement from DSM claims that the release of the new ingredient seeks to address the increasing consumer preferences for sugar-reduced dairy products and the growing demand for lactose-free options from health-conscious consumers.

Ben Rutten, global business manager for milk at DSM said: “With 71% of consumers checking the labels of the products they purchase, combined with the ever-growing preference for lactose-free dairy and the sugar reduction trend that is here to stay, it is clear that prioritising health and authenticity is more important than ever for individuals today.

“DSM understands the challenges these diverse needs create for lactose-free dairy manufacturers, and with the innovative Maxilact Super solution – made possible thanks to more than 50 years of experience in lactase development and manufacturing – producers across the globe can efficiently deliver high-quality sugar-reduced and lactose-free dairy with next-generation consumer appeal.”


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