DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials has been awarded for its customer facing portal DKSH Discover. The awards received were in the categories “Digital Transformation” from the Digital Beauty Award (DBA) and the “Best Customer Experience Management” from SAP in recognition of the latest upgrades made to the online platform.

The “Digital Transformation Award” from DBA was received for Business Unit Performance Materials’ introduction of digital enhancements to its customer facing portal as well as for being an advanced eCommerce platform in the cosmetics, perfumery, and personal care sector. DKSH Discover received the award from over 300 nominations.

The “Best Customer Experience Management” from SAP recognizes Business Unit Performance Materials’ excellence in adopting SAP technologies to innovate and transform industries to drive greater business outcomes.

Since the launch of DKSH Discover in 2020, Business Unit Performance Materials has seen a 260% increase in its digital business. The platform gained over 290,000 unique users across 35 markets in Asia, Europe, and the USA and has generated over 40,000 monthly users and new customer accounts. In addition, the Business Unit provided 20,000 specialty chemicals and ingredients from more than a thousand approved suppliers through digital channels.

With the latest upgrades to DKSH Discover, users can explore 24/7 ordering and sales tracking as well as locate and connect with all 53 DKSH innovation centers around the world. The new Quote to Order function allows users to approve a quote and create an order which is sent directly to DKSH’s SAP.

Thomas Sul, Co-Head Business Unit Performance Materials, DKSH, commented: “DKSH Discover is the first digital platform of its kind, developed by our digital experts for chemical specialists. The customer portal is an award-winning platform that brings our customers, clients, and industry specialists together to make ordering specialty chemicals and ingredients online easy and convenient